To provide a high-quality paper, that is an eco-friendly alternative to wood pulp products. The use of our products is a step towards a green future. Hemp pulp processing uses about 30 percent less than of the processing of wood pulp, HempSoSoft strives to lower the world’s energy consumption and lessen the pollutants in the environment.


Hemp is a quickly replenishable resource, unlike trees that use wood-pulp as paper. Hemp pulp uses less energy and chemicals to process. The use of hemp for the world’s daily paper needs could help prevent deforestation, erosion and desertification of the earth. Americain paper producing companies are the 3rd largest consumers of energy. The vision of HempSoSoft Is for a green future.

About The HempSoSoft Brand

HempSoSoft is a company dedicated to providing you a pleasurable guilt free way to go. The call of nature should be a natural experience, like the toilet rolls produced by HempSoSoft. HempSoSoft Is making efforts to ensure the earth’s future is green. HempSoSoft always puts the consumer first, by providing quality products and outstanding customer service to ensure a great experience to the customer.